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Nic Dracopoli, Ph.D. Joins GenPro’s Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. Adam Marsh, Genome Profiling’s CSO and Co-Founder, will present at the Eighth Annual Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington DC (August 22-26, 2016)

Genome Profiling, LLC (GenPro), a molecular information company focused on discovering novel epigenetic biomarkers and translating them into new clinically valuable precision assays, and new insights into pathways, MOA’s, and potential therapeutic targets, announced that Adam Marsh, Ph. D., Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, will present recent data illuminating the efficacy of epigenetic biomarker discovery and the game-changing potential they can deliver across many diseases and applications during the Eighth Annual Next Generation Dx Summit held in Washington DC on August 22-26 at 12:30 pm in the “Predictive Cancer Biomarkers” symposia. Dr. Marsh will present recent results from the discovery of a probable epigenetic biomarker for patients with acute myeloid leukemia that stratifies between individuals who are responders and non responders to a hypomethylating drug therapy in pre-treatment bone marrow biopsies. The presentation entitled “Non-Bisulfite Epigenetic Profiling of DNA Methylation Enables Epigenetic Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery” will describe EpiMarker™ discovery process and the breadth of new molecular information that is elucidated and the path to a low-cost high-throughput precision assay. Overall, DNA methylation is commonly assessed via bisulfite conversion methods and direct next generation sequencing (NGS). However, resulting nucleotide mutagenesis due to bisulfite oxidation impairs applications of this sequence data for genomic variant call analyses thereby requiring two NGS runs, a sub-optimal and costly consideration. GenPro has developed a novel computational platform for high resolution, quantitative DNA methylation profiles based on a simple, non-destructive preparation of genomic DNA for next-generation sequencing (Illumina HiSeq X10). GenPro’s epigenetic biomarker discovery and analysis capabilities are enabled by powerful proprietary analytics for gene methylation quantification and elucidating multi-CpG site methylation signatures from NGS data (EpiMarkers) with unique clinical relevance.

About Dr. Adam Marsh, Ph. D. , CSO & Co-Founder of GenPro: Dr. Marsh, one of the earliest pioneers of computational epigenetics, is the visionary, inventor and leader of GenPro's core IP and computational capabilities. He and GenPro’s Chief Business Officer, Dr. Didier Landais, will be available throughout the duration of the meeting to discuss GenPro's Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery Platform and their vision for applying it to "Accelerate the Promise of Precision Health".

About Genome Profiling LLC: Genome Profiling (GenPro) is a molecular information company that specializes in the rapid discovery of novel high-resolution epigenetic biomarkers (EpiMarkers™) from next generation sequencing (NGS) data. Through strategic collaboration agreements with bio-pharma, diagnostic and clinical research institutions, GenPro accelerates the discovery and development of disease and application-specific EpiMarkers™ into clinically and commercially valuable assets - new and better companion diagnostics, precise patient stratification for clinical trials, diagnostics for early disease detection, new drug opportunities, and individualized therapies. GenPro’s value is delivered through its proprietary DNA methylation quantification measurement capabilities which are disruptive to current approaches in that they are much more complete, sensitive, accurate, faster, cost-effective and selective, AND through its EpiMarker Discovery Analytics that transform genome-wide DNA methylation measurements into novel EpiMarkers™. GenPro also enables BOTH gene variant analysis and epigenetic methylation profiling from ONE NGS run, breaking down the huge cost and time barrier of two separate NGS runs for this highly complementary information.

About Next Generation Dx Summit: Eight Annual Next Generation Dx Summit will take place August 22-26, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC. Next Generation Dx Summit convenes more than 1,000 international diagnostic professionals for valuable networking and comprehensive programming spanning from clinical diagnostics to business strategy. Now in its eighth year, the event has grown to include novel immunotherapy biomarkers, cell-free DNA, companion diagnostics, infectious disease, point-of-care, pharmacy-based diagnostics, commercialization, and reimbursement. New programming in 2016 includes prenatal diagnostics, circulating tumor cells, forensics and microbiome sequencing. The Next Generation Dx Summit is a must-attend event with complete coverage of the most timely and important issues for the industry. More information on the conference can be found []. For additional information contact: Didier Landais,; Genome Profiling, LLC.