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Nic Dracopoli, Ph.D. Joins GenPro’s Scientific Advisory Board


Mort Goldman

Chief Technology Officer

Mort Goldman leads the end-to-end development of the GenPro Analytics™ platform. He is responsible for translating Dr.Marsh's research innovations into a scalable, repeatable execution platform that operates in a cloud environment and is delivered to customers as a Software-as-a-Service solution. Mort is a hands on developer who is happiest coding, but willing to deftly define an architecural design, supplicate stakeholders, or lead a team into the scrum with abandon.

Mort has significant experience delivering software products and business solutions across a wide range of vertical industries and technology stacks. Mort started his career in database management system research and product development. Mort then moved to the solution integration role -- founding and growing two solution integration firms -- Information Technologists and ICON Solutions. Both companies focused on delivering advanced information technology to solve business problems for enterprise customers. After selling his interest in ICON Solutions, Mort founded Fortera, a company that managed risk in IT projects by insuring successful completion. Most recently, before joining GenPro, Mort provided IT strategy, architectural, and project management services through 408 West, LLC. His most recent project was directing product development for a data mining company targeting fraud detection in international trade.

Mort is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Finance of the University of Pennsylvania. He has also taken and passed a number of technical training classes.