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Nic Dracopoli, Ph.D. Joins GenPro’s Scientific Advisory Board


Mark Anderson, Ph.D.

VP Biopharma Solutions

Dr. Anderson is an oncology R&D leader with over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He is an experienced drug developer with discovery and development of antibody based therapeutics for cancer as his primary area of expertise. Other areas of expertise include: biomarkers, T-cell and other immune cell redirection, immuno-oncology, biology of innate immunity, scientific asset evaluation and licensing due diligence pharmaceutical and biotech R&D staff and team leadership, and leading academic and industrial collaborations.

Dr. Anderson has extensive large pharma experience, most recently with J&J Janssen and Centocor, successfully initiating projects, developing agents utilizing novel and complex platforms, leading discovery and cross-functional compound development teams, and writing scientific sections of regulatory documents such as pre-IND briefing documents and IND applications. He led teams that have taken multiple antibody based anti-cancer therapeutics to the NME stage with several progressing to IND and clinical evaluation.