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Nic Dracopoli, Ph.D. Joins GenPro’s Scientific Advisory Board


Adam Marsh, Ph. D

Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Marsh is the visionary, inventor and leader of GenPro's core IP and computational capabilities. He also plays an active role in supporting sales and client engagements. Dr. Marsh invented GenPro's underlying software technology while a faculty member in the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and the School of Marine Science and Policy at the University of Delaware. His primary research efforts focused on epigenetics of environmental imprinting in animals living in extreme environments (polar seas, deep oceans). His quantitative epigenetic profiling algorithm work started more than 10 years ago as an innovation of necessity to understand how invertebrate genomes thrived from generation to generation under the polar sea ice in Antarctica. Dr. Marsh is one of the earliest pioneers of computational epigenetics. The quantitative sensitivity and genome-wide breadth of his approach is the key to GenPro Analytics™.

Dr. Marsh received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, and pursued postdoctoral research in cell biology (Univ. New Hampshire, Durham), molecular biology and invertebrate immunology (Center of Marine Biotechnology, Univ. Maryland, Baltimore), and molecular physiology (Univ. Southern California, Los Angeles). Across all phases of his career computer programming, biostatistics and big-data have played a large role in defining his research vision and goals. Ever since handling stacks of punch cards for an IBM main frame as an undergraduate researcher in 1980, the power of numerical processing through writing code and managing datasets has been central to his science.